Authors & Photographers

Franklin & Esther Schmidt

Franklin and Esther Schmidt (F & E Schmidt Photography, LLC) have photographed and written about hundreds of private homes and museum houses throughout the United States. The primary focus of their work is on interior design as it relates to architecture, art, antiques, lifestyle, and history, and they have produced books on these subjects and articles for major magazines. The books for which they have written and photographed include Victorian Kitchens and Baths, Cabin Kitchens and Baths, Passion for Primitives, and PreFab Home.

The Schmidts have been regular contributors to many design and historic architecture periodicals, including Art & Antiques, Architectural Digest, Old-House Interiors, Country Sampler, Country Home, and Early Homes, and they are major contributors and field editors for Victorian Homes magazine.

When not traveling on assignment, they are headquartered with their canine and feline friends on a farm in the mountains of Virginia and have a studio in New York City.

David Dominé

David Dominé is a Louisville-based writer who has authored numerous books about the history and traditions of his adopted state. From Old Louisville hauntings to bourbon recipes, he has brought Kentucky spirits to life in narratives such as A Feast for the Eyes, Adventures in New Kentucky Cooking, and Splash of Bourbon. He also penned a series about the haunted past of the Victorian neighborhood he called home and his debut book Ghosts of Old Louisville became an immediate bestseller upon its release.

In addition to writing the Louisville edition for Insiders’ Guide, a series that provides a local’s perspective on more than sixty destinations, David is a regular contributor to national and regional publications such as Taste of the South and Kentucky Monthly. He also teaches foreign languages at Bellarmine University and is currently completing his Master of Fine Arts in Writing at Spalding University. His current projects include a true crime novel and an Old Louisville murder mystery titled The Gospel of Glitter According to Poo Poo Chiffon and the Disciples.

Philip Kopper

A journalist, author, editor, and publisher, Philip Kopper has written numerous books including America’s National Gallery of Art, the authoritative history of that cultural landmark in the nation’s capital; Colonial Williamsburg, a portrait of the prototype outdoor history museum; and National Museum of Natural History, which Book World’s lead reviewer called “a museum in itself.” His oeuvre ranges from The Wild Edge, anatural historyof beaches, to an original retelling of the Nativity story in AChristmas Testament, and The Smithsonian Book of NorthAmerican Indians, an introduction to archaeology and prehistory of North America. A seasoned collaborator and ghostwriter for the likes of “Tommy the Cork” Corcoran, Roger Tory Peterson and others, he contributed to such works as National Geographic Society’s one-volume historyof the Civil War, The Blue and the Gray, and AField Guide to the Birds of North America. Formerly a reporter and cultural critic for The Washington Post, he served as publications director of the National Endowment for the Arts until 1995 when he founded prize-winning Posterity Press, Inc., the venturepublishing enterprise. Kopper first became interested in architecture when he audited a course taught by the legendary Vincent Scully at Yale, where he majored in history, served as an officer of the Yale Daily News and belonged to Manuscript, a senior society.

William R. Mitchell, Jr.

William R. Mitchell, Jr. (Email) was a founding trustee of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation in 1973. He is a cultural historian, historic preservationist, lecturer, and award-winning author. His monographs on Southern architects include Lewis Edmund Crook, Jr., Architect (1984), The Architecture of Wm. Frank McCall, Jr., F.A.I.A. (1985), The Residential Architecture of Henry Sprott Long and Associates (1991), McCall: A Continuing Tradition (1992), Edward Vason Jones: Architect, Connoisseur, and Collector (1995), J. Neel Reid, Architect, of Hentz, Reid & Adler and the Georgia School of Classicists (1997), and The Architecture of James Means, Georgia Classicist (2001). In addition, Mitchell was the author of Landmark Homes of Georgia, 1733–1983 (1983), Classic Savannah (1987), Gardens of Georgia (1989), Classic Atlanta (1991), and Classic New Orleans (1993). An Atlanta native and ninth-generation Georgian, he is a founding trustee of the Southern Architecture Foundation, Inc., created to promote understanding and appreciation of Southern architecture and associated arts.

Van Jones Martin

Van Jones Martin is a native of coastal Georgia who has been documenting art and architecture since 1972. Working with Mills Lane, he photographed thousands of antebellum buildings over a twenty-year collaboration for the Beehive Press series The Architecture of the Old South. In 1978 he formed Golden Coast Publishing Company to publish and produce a variety of books focusing primarily on the architects and architecture of the South.

James R. Lockhart

James R. Lockhart is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. He has been the photographer for the State of Georgia's Historic Preservation Division since 1978, during which time he has provided photodocumentation for more than 1,400 nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. He has served as contributing photographer to The Residential Architecture of Henry Sprott Long and Associates, Classic Atlanta, and McCall: A Continuing Tradition, and as primary photographer for Classic New Orleans and J. Neel Reid, Architect, of Hentz, Reid & Adler and the Georgia School of Classicists. He is assisted in many of his photographic endeavors by his wife, Mary Lee Lockhart.

Douglas Lewis

Douglas Lewis has been Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the National Gallery of Art in Washington since 1968 and since 1974 a member of the Advisory Council of the Palladian Center (CISA) in Vicenza. Among his one hundred publications are The Late Baroque Churches of Venice (1979) and The Drawings of Andrea Palladio (the first edition of this book, 1981); shortly forthcoming are Palladio’s Villa Cornaro at Piombino Dese (2001) and Longhena and his Patrons: the Creation of the Venetian Baroque (in preparation).

Randolph Delehanty

Randolph Delehanty is an author and historian. Among his other books are New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence (with photographer Richard Sexton), and San Francisco: The Ultimate Guide.

Martin & St. Martin

From Martin & St. Martin Publishing Company

Martin & St. Martin Publishing Company was formed in New Orleans in 1990 to support the production of books relevant to the study of classical architecture. With the cooperation and encouragement of the Center for Palladian Studies in America, Paul St. Martin is pursuing a publishing course of thoughtful scholarship and beautiful design.